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Suggestion: Add iPhone 6 option to "iPhone" element


Current “iPhone” UI element has options “4” and “5”. iPhone 6 is out for more than a year now and wireframes with iPhone 5 look really dated to our clients. I do understand that it has the same screen aspect and for me it doesn’t make much difference, but some clients do really care about small things like that.


Hi @yaroslavpat,

I just replied your email but wanted to share the reply here too in case others have the same request:

We are actually in the process of discussing the best way to update the iOS controls, and we hope to have them updated soon!

In the meantime, I think this Mockup To Go will be very useful:

Here is the way to use Mockups To Go if needed:
Also, here is the way to import them in myBalsamiq:

Thanks for the feedback! :smile: