[SUGGESTION] Compute time in different screens while testing


I’ve been using Balsamiq for a while as a student, and I always had to use another software with Balsamiq to manually keep track of how much time a user spends time on a screen.
Is there a possibility to add, let’s say, another form of running the project mockup for testing low-fidelity prototypes that keeps track of how long a tester spends time on a screen made with Balsamiq?



Thanks for the suggestion, @5lood237. I think that would make a lot of sense for testing.

Our apps are more geared towards the ideation/beginning stage of the design process, so we don’t offer a lot of prototyping features. What you may want to check out is Canvas Flip which wrote a great blog post about user testing your mockups with them. I believe they have a timer and all the data collection you would need for testing.

Give it a look and let me know, my friend. :slight_smile:


Hey @Brendan, thanks for the friendly reply! :slight_smile:
CanvasFlip looks amazing!
I’ll definitely use Balsamiq for iOS testing + CanvasFlip. (Thanks for the free 2 months subscription!)

I have another question, how can I perform usability testing on low-fidelity prototypes with Balsamiq? If there are tools that you can suggest, I’ll sincerely appreciate that.

Thanks again!


I am not sure of any options outside of CanvasFlip, @5lood237. We had some other options, but I don’t think they have been updated to work with our newer apps.

Maybe someone else has a favorite usability testing tool?