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Suggestion: equal lengths for buttons on button bar


I would like to have ability (checkbox?) to set all button-bar items to equal length.

[Feature Request] Three options for the button bar that would save me a ton of time

Yeah, I agree as well. This is something that stops me using the button bar.


Makes sense to me! I will add it to the feature tracker so that we can talk about it :slight_smile:

In terms of implementation, what makes more sense to everyone: truncating text, or making all buttons the size of the longest text label?


I’m sure either would work.

I have a preference for all buttons equal to the longest text. Truncating text kind of defeats the purpose of showing what it will look like in real life. Yes, Balsamiq isn’t used for high fidelity mockups, but I often want to show folks how foolish an idea might be in wireframes first, so they go and find a shorter name. That and there’s rarely a case in non-mobile sites where you’d truncate instead of extending. Since desktops are much wider.

However others who mainly do mobile design may have a different opinion. But I’d hate to add onto the feature and make it too complex by giving us both options.


Just want to give another thumbs up to this idea and give another suggestion. For a more flexible solution, you guys could also use the “relative column size” concept of the table widget. For instance, something like:

One, Two, Three

would make the first button twice as large as the other two.


This would be helpful for me as well. I just ended up using an empty button bar with labels on top of it, to get around the relative sizing.

What’s the status on this?


Good workaround. :slight_smile: I’ve added your vote to help us prioritize the enhancement.

I’m sorry we don’t have more news on this right now, but it might be time to revisit the button bar!

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the discussion!