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Suggestion: Keep mockup hierarchy in PDF bookmarks during export


Hi, I’m a long time Balsamiq user (and fan!). One of the feature I appreciate most is the PDF export, as it allows both technical and non-technical people can quickly play with them and give useful feedback.

However, it’s a pity that project hierarchy is not replicated in PDF bookmarks. In large (> 10 mockups) projects preserving mockup hierarchy can really be a time saver for anyone who’s not familiar with the project, letting them explore the various use cases with greater efficiency and confidence.

[Feature request] - Show project structure in table of content of exported PDF

I can totally see how useful that would be, Dimitri, but I am not sure how well we could implement it. Were you thinking of using chapters and subchapters?

I will talk to the dev team and see if this is something we can do. :slight_smile: