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Suggestion: keyboard shortcut to access buttons in dialogs


I change my mind a lot when I’m creating wireframes so I find myself frequently hitting cmd+R to re-export images so that I can update my document. I’d like it better if I didn’t have to pick up the mouse each time to select the ‘Replace’ button in the message that tells me that an image with that name already exists.
Would it be possible to have the tab key change the focus between buttons in such dialogs?


Hey @Lisu,

As someone who can get into the zone using just the keyboard, I totally understand this. As much as I wish it weren’t the case, we don’t actually have control over that modal window; it’s controlled by the host OS.

On Windows, you can tab through the options on that window. On OS X, you cannot :person_frowning:. Just to be sure it wasn’t something limited to Mockups, I tested it in Pages and iA Writer, and found the same behavior.

I wish I had a better answer here, but we are at the mercy of the OS. I’m sorry about that!

Please don’t let this dissuade you from bringing your other questions or needs to our attention. We want to help however we can!




Thanks for your reply. It inspired me to do a bit more digging about that ‘feature’ in OSX. So just in case this has been bugging anyone else here’s a link with instructions on how to change that behaviour on a Mac:

Once you’ve changed the setting you can tab between buttons, but you still need to know that if you tab to select a button other than the default, you have to use the spacebar to “click” it.

Hope that helps someone out.



This is awesome. Thank you @Lisu!