Suggestion: Make wireframe re-ordering easier for MyBalsamiq users

Attempting to reorder mockups is a pain that induces screaming obscenities on a regular basis. When in edit mode, clicking and dragging within the panel is exceptionally difficult because it moves far too quickly. So when all I want to do is move a mockup up one or two places, I end up at the top of my list. If I try to re-order from the project’s main page (not edit mode) I can only move the mockup up or down by one place per click, so this can take forever.

It would be wonderful to be able to drag the mockups more slowly or specify where a new mockup should be placed (not always at the end of the project)

Hi @tiffanycclark and welcome to our forums! :slight_smile:

We totally hear your pain and want to improve the reordering behavior in our web version. Good news, the next major release that we are preparing for our web product will be native (no more Flash needed), much faster and will include all the features from our current Desktop version. Reordering your mockups will be way easier!

We don’t have any ETA yet but the private beta has already started, we’ll keep you all in the loop here once the app is ready.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re always happy to help!