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Suggestion - Set Default Icon Size to Extra Small


I don’t know if there’s a way to do this already, but can the icon size be defaulted to extra small instead of large when adding icons to controls? It seems like more people would use the extra small since they are the appropriate size compared to the size of the controls you add to a mockup.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing the default large size compared to the extra small.


Hi @CMT,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve had a similar request in the past so I will add your vote for it and give it a nudge so we can discuss it more with the team.

Please keep those coming! We’re always looking for your ideas. :slight_smile:


Hi there,
please put my vote to this feature as well. When I add new controls with icons, and icons are very big, I’m not able to see them, and it is very confusing, as I don’t know if the icons are added or not :frowning:


+1 from me. Relative to the default text font size the icons are huge.


Please add my vote for this feature as well.


I vote for this as well - then your mock-up elements can all be in the correct proportion to each other. Without the ability to re-size it actually prevents a user from being able to to a complete mock-up.