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Summing Other Cells


Is there any control or something that I can request that will allow me to sum other cells similar to what you can do within Excel? Im doing alot of report mockups and I need to show my developers what should be summing on the report in a realistic fashion. Thanks!


Hi MattG20,
This something is a Calc app only. Sorry for the bad joke ).

If you need reporting mockups with a lot of real data, probably the best way is to do everything in Excel, including diagrams of different types (which are lack in Balsamiq), and paste these into mockups as a screenshots.

I did it in this way previously.

Important note: you need to format cells in Excel for these to look like font settings in your Balsamiq project, for the sake of consistency.


It’s funny that you mention that, I have been doing that already. I just find it a hassle that I need to go into another program to do that. @balsamiq, I would like to make this an enhancement request for a future version of Balsalmiq. Thank You!


It’s definitely something we can look into, @MattG20, but I’ll be honest: I don’t see us adding it.

The Data Grid, like all of our controls, aren’t meant to represent a final product. They are stand-ins to help you design the look and feel of the app. The app’s vision is to be the starting point for the design process. If we start adding advanced capabilities to controls, we could start undermining that vision.

But, with that said, we will definitely talk about it. :slight_smile:


Thank you for that. Just for more of a use case on this when you have your discussion, IMO, this doesn’t necessarily need to be within the data grid, it could be with any of the field that allow you to put numbers in there. My development team actually likes to look through the mockup I create and have it have “real,” data in it. In conjunction with the requirements we write, they say its nice to see the actual fields “working,” within the mockup so they come back with less questions.


A mockup is not a working app. Do not bloat the code by trying to cram a thing into it that does not belong there. But a wysiwyg table editor, however, would make my heart soar!