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Support for "Ctrl + Page down" as a keyboard shortcut?


I noticed that “Ctrl + Page down” (on a PC) isn’t listed as a keyboard shortcut ( and that only Ctrl+Tab is listed.

Is there a plan to deprecate it? If not, it might be worth adding to the shortcuts page. I find it slightly more intuitive than the Ctrl+Tab shortcut (since I’m navigating vertically instead of horizontally).

Very minor and just a thought!

On a related note, it would be great if Ctrl+Page down worked not only when your cursor is focused in the right hand prototyping working area, but also when the focus gets over into the left-hand list/thumbnail view. I’ve run into the focus not being correct several times and I stumble each time.


Hey @grebe!

I’m afraid you have uncovered a can of Windows shortcut worms. The quick answer to your question is that “We don’t have any plans to deprecate that shortcut.”

The long answer is “Wow, using page up and page down is not a great experience right now, and I am sorry about that!”

I am going to talk with the team and figure out how we want to approach this. I think CTRL+Page up and Down are good shortcuts, but they definitely should work across the board, not just when the Canvas is in focus.

Thank you for opening this can of worms, Renee. This needed addressing!