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Support of user journeys


We’re using Mockups in our development process and it works quiet nicely. But for the discussion with our users, we’d like to have a user journey feature. Do you have discussed about this or are you already planning it?

Well, my idea of a user journey is: we have a set of individual (static) mockups based on which the user takes a journey (thus the name). Each journey is a set of mockups I select for a dedicated topic. As follows:

Ordering process: login, select product, provide shipping details, provide payment details, confirm order, logout

Update shipping details: login, provide shipping details, logout

Update order: login, select order, select product, confirm order logout

In the above three user journeys, the same steps/mockups are used several times (e.g. the login). The customer wants to see theses three journeys and I want to create them out of one mockup project.

I can export three PDFs with a dedicated set of pages. But well… which pages did I export last time for my “Update shipping details”?

How does this sound? Is it worth for you to follow up? When can we expect a first prototype? ;o)

Hi @andi,

Thanks so much for the post and the suggestion. It’s certainly an interesting one and one I’ve filed formally for consideration. I am a little worried that it’s getting a little away from wireframing and more into prototyping but I appreciate your taking the time to lay out the use case.

Yes, it might be a next step to Mockups. But I guess it’s a logical one.

Prototyping? No, I don’t think so. It’s a step into communication with the customer, letting them understand, what’s going on in your brain :o)