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Symbol has image not found in all generated images but not in edit view


I uploaded an image and then used it to create a symbol. When I’m editing mockups the symbol shows correctly but when I look at generated images including of the symbol itself in the asset view the image in the sybol shows as image not found

The bmml is

<mockup version="1.0" skin="sketch" fontFace="Balsamiq Sans" measuredW="164" measuredH="57" mockupW="104" mockupH="37">
    <control controlID="0" controlTypeID="__group__" x="60" y="20" w="104" h="37" measuredW="104" measuredH="37" zOrder="0" locked="false" isInGroup="-1">
        <control controlID="0" controlTypeID="com.balsamiq.mockups::Image" x="0" y="0" w="32" h="36" measuredW="2000" measuredH="2000" zOrder="0" locked="false" isInGroup="0">
        <control controlID="1" controlTypeID="com.balsamiq.mockups::Label" x="31" y="13" w="-1" h="-1" measuredW="73" measuredH="24" zOrder="1" locked="false" isInGroup="0">


Hi @Paul_D_Ambra

Thank you for your report.

I can confirm the issue and I passed it on to our developers.
As far as I can tell it is an issue in our rendering engine. We will take a closer look.