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Symbol Libraries Missing from List; Symbols still avail in UI Library

I had created several new Symbol Libraries in my Project and all was going well. Unfortunately, the Libraries are now gone from the Symbol Libraries list.

They seem to still be available somewhere in the system - the Symbols themselves still appear in the UI Library when editing my Mockups.

If I right click on a Symbol from the UI Library, I can choose “Edit Symbol Source” and it takes me to the editor for that specific Symbol, with the Symbol Library Name appearing in the Info panel and the floating Navigation toolbar showing the path “Home > Symbol Library Name > Back to Mockups.”

How can I get my list of Symbol Libraries to re-appear? Some screenshots below:

@iamjoshfrank If you save and close the project then reopen it do the symbol libraries stay missing? Have you checked the trash to see if the symbol libraries were moved to the trash? The symbols should show as missing the mockups if the symbol library is deleted, but I could see an odd bug happening where they still display. You can check the trash by going to the view menu and clicking on trash or by using the navigation button in the upper left,

If they are in the trash then you can right click on the symbol library and select restore.

Are you on the latest 3.1.2 version? You can check by going to the help menu and clicking on the About Balsamiq Mockups.

@Jarin Thanks for the response! Here are my answers:

If I “Save Project” from the Project menu, as well as use “Command S” to save, I get the “All changes autosaved.” message. If I then close the project and reopen it, they’re still missing.

The Trash is empty.

I’m on the latest 3.1.2 version (Mac).

@iamjoshfrank Thanks for checking those. It could possibly be a corruption in the symbol library files of your project file. I would recommend sending your project bmpr file to to see if they can sort out the problem. I will see if I can reproduce the issue and figure out a cause. I will let you know if I find anything.

Hi @iamjoshfrank and @Jarin

Thanks to both of you for discussing the issue so far.
The Navigator does not look healthy at all. It looks like you hit a runtime exception in the navigator. Can you restart the application to see if the issue persists?

If it does can you please send us the project to

Thank you

@Jarin @Florian_Brauer - restarting the app didn’t solve it. I’m on the road today but I will send the project file in to the support address tonight. Thanks!

Hi everybody,

This is mostly a follow up and share information for other people that may hit this issue.

The issue was caused by < and > being in symbol control names. This caused the navigator to break. We have a bugfix for this issue ready in our prerelease that you can get here:

We will let you know once this bug fix is shipped in the official release.

Hi everybody,

We shipped today 3.1.3. It has the bugfix for this issue.
You can get it here:

Here are the complete release notes: