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Symbol: modify an instance

  1. I created a symbol in the vioew symbol. The symbol contains a web link, this link is calling a weburl. The url will be different depending from what wireframe the symbol is used.

  2. I added this symbol in one of my wireframes, let’s say wireframe1

  3. Now, I want to modify the symbol instance on this wireframes1; without ungrouping, modify, then group again etc…

I am not able to do that.

When I double clikc on the instance, I have a dialog suggesting me to :

  • Override properties on control # “instance”
  • Edit the symbol source itself

If I select “Override properties on control…”. Seems like I am only able to :
- Break Apart
- Edit source

Of course, I don’t want to break a part before being able to modify the link, if I do that, it will be just like I am doing a copy-past of a group of controls, ungroup them, modify the instance, then group again.

am I missing someting?

Hey @simple45.

When you choose the “override the properties” option, you should then be “in the symbol” and able to edit it.

Can you send us a screenshot of what you’re seeing after clicking that? That will help us troubleshoot this.