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"Symbol not found" error when opening project


Hi all,

I just updated to 3.3 on my Mac after having 2.x previously. I started on a project and created some symbols, which I used multiple times in a mockup and other symbols. However, the next time I started Balsamiq and loaded the project I got “Symbol not found” errors for those symbols. When I delete the symbol and undo the deletion the symbol appears again.

This might be a bug, or can you point me to potential mistakes on my side?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @gruberg,

Sorry you’ve hit this snag! Sounds like a weird one.

Are you experiencing the same issue if you create a new project from Mockups version 3.3.3?

Would you mind sending the related BMPR file to so that we can try to reproduce the issue here? Of course we’ll keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

Sorry again for the hassle, we’ll get to the bottom of it!


Sure, I have sent an email with a sample project attached.