Symbol placement


I see that when creating a symbol, or editing one for that matter, the position ‘x’ and ‘y’ boxes are always ‘0’. Couldn’t this be set to where I want the symbol to appear on a page?

I’ve tried and I have trouble keeping the numbers in the boxes - they fight me and resort back to ‘0’!

For instance:
I create a list box symbol with 12 entries. I add this symbol to each page, lets say 10. On each page I have to manually move it to the proper coordinates. Being able to use the ‘x’ and ‘y’ settings of the symbol would always put it in the same place - make it ‘snap’ to position.

What do you say, good idea or am I doing something wrong?

Mike P.


Sorry about the confusion here, Michael.

Groups and Symbols use relative x and y positions because we thought it was easier for folks to arrange things within the group that way.

I wasn’t there for the discussion surrounding this, but I will see how the team feels about swapping this - or if it’s even something we can do.

Thanks, as always, my friend. Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you!