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Symbol position VS copy/paste in place


i’ve been using the nice new symbol function to store a menu arrangement which i can then paste into any new page where it’s required. but the symbol memory doesn’t seem to remember where it should (or could) go.

is there any way to do this? if not, i’ll just go back to the old way of copying and pasting in place.



Hi @nickdagreek

I wonder if I understood you correctly so I repeat what you did.

  1. You added a symbol control to one mockup.
  2. You copied the symbol control.
  3. Selected the next mockup and pasted the element
  4. Next mockup and pasted the control once more.

In step 4 the position of the control was pushed by 20 pixels to the right and down.
If this is what you experience then you are hitting a known bug.

The current workaround is to use paste in place. The shortcuts are:
MacOs: CMD + SHIFT + V
Windows CTRL + SHIFT + V


hi Florian,

sorry - my message may not have been clear. these are the steps:

1- i create a menu design that i know i will want to have across several mockups (all these mockups are in single bumper and i want the menu to appear in the same place on each mockup)

2- i convert that menu design into a symbol (grouping and naming it)

3- within the symbols window (from the MOCKUPS, ASSETS, SYMBOLS menu), i can see that the new menu symbol is placed in the top LHS of the screen (not where it was where i originally created it)

4 - that’s fine. i just move it to where i want it to be. (the two squares - which go blue in the symbols side menu and show me where all the other symbols are placed - get me excited that Balsamiq wants to know where the symbols could be placed).

5 - i go back to the MOCKUPS menu and find a mockup where i need that menu symbol

6- i select the symbol tab and click on the one i want

7- the menu symbol appears but in the top LHS of the window (not the mockup, the window)

i appreciate that i may be wanting the symbols thing to have functionality it doesn’t. and i can see that some people will want to place the symbols in different places.

for me - who does want the symbol in the same place on each mockup - copying and pasting-in-place is therefore a simpler option, although i then lose the apply-change-to-all-instances functionality you have with a symbol.

that make any sense?


Hey @nickdagreek, sorry for the confusion. It was really helpful to get your steps. This is not how symbols work currently. When you create a symbol, you are essentially creating a control that will be added to your mockups just like something from the UI Library.

That being said, I see a lot of value in supporting what you were trying to do. I’m writing this up as a feature request for us to consider for the future. Thanks!