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Symbol states support

I posted this improvement many years ago [Feature Request] Add states to a symbol
After not having used Balsamiq for quite some time, I started using Balsamiq again recently and I still face the same hassel with symbols.
I’m designing a big software product for which I want to create a number of scenario’s. Which means I need draw different states of my components which I can used in the different stages in the scenario.

What would help me in keeping my big design managable is if Balsamiq allowed my to create different states of each component and let me select which stage I want to add to my mockup.

The suggestion made on my previous request that I can overwrite a symbol in my mockup is no alternative for having symbol states. First of all I can’t remove or hide any items of a symbol, say I would want to show or hide an icon on my component.
But most important, I want to reuse the state of the symbol, perhaps change it’s content, but not redesign it each time I need it.

I’m not asking for the states of the symbols to work in the demo, merely let me select them design time.
Something like the variants of a mockup would work fine I think.

I hope you will take this under consideration once more.

Hi @Iba,

Thanks so much for the post and for the nudge here. I understand how frustrating it can be when a tool gets us part of - or almost all - the way to our goal but there’s just one thing that’s not quite right.

Taking a step back, we’ve been working hard on the new, native versions of the desktop app for over a year now. we released those in January (see: BIG Release! Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop). That was a huge effort for our small team and it took up a lot of our engineering resources. I mention it because it meant that feature requests have taken a bit of a back seat for that entire time.

Now that the desktop apps have shipped, we’re going to continue to focus on those for a while - ensuring they’re rock-solid and focusing on bugs. Then, in the second half of this year, we’ll turn our attention back to feature requests. I know it’s not an ideal answer but I want to be upfront about what we are (and are not) doing.

Thinking about this, I did have a couple of ideas which might help you get closer to your goal in the absence of built-in Symbols states:

First, just have separate Symbols for each Symbol state? Something like this:


You still have to maintain the different Symbols for different states but you only have to do it in one place and changes, as with all Symbols, are reflected across any and all wireframes using the Symbol.

Second, you mentioned that “I can’t remove or hide any items of a symbol”. You could use the Markup feature to treat specific controls in a Symbol as Markup. Markup can be toggled on and off using the rightmost icon in the Toolbar:

Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood the requirement here, Iba. And, again, sincere thanks for the feature feedback.