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"Symbol" terminology


Maybe it is because i am not native English speaker, but i hate the “Symbol” as a name for functionality of creation of the custom elements. For me, the word “symbol” symbolise some emblem/badge/character/logo/icon … e.g. heart symbol, symbol of peace … I understand, that for technical people you may look on it as symlink - symbolic link to source element, but symlink != symbol. I think the proper name, that would describe better the functionality, should be e.g. “Project elements”, “Custom controls” etc.


Can totally understand that @Tomas_Kapler, and I’m sorry about any frustration this has caused you.

Naming a feature like Symbols is hard.

We couldn’t call them “Templates” because we may actually do project templates at some point. Calling them “Custom Controls” might cause issues with people wanting to actually change the built in controls (or add their own).

So we decided that “Symbols” was the best name, given the circumstances. It’s definitely not the best name all the time, but it is pretty good most of the time. :slight_smile: