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Symbols/assets not always stored when save project under new name (mac version)


Dear balsamiqees,

I am using balsamiq a lot for concepts for new features. I have a big collection of symbols and assets which I would like to reuse for my new mockups. Therefore I’ve created a “template” mockup as described on your webpage. I am opening my template and saving this template project under another name for concretise new concepts.
As long as I am working in the project everything works fine. But if I close balsamiq and open the saved project oftentimes all assets/symbols are gone. That is quite enerving. I have to redo then the mockup because I didn’t find a way to import assets/symbols that they are fitting in the “symbol not found” containers shown in the “destroyed” mockup.
I am using a mac and the version 3.1.1

Could you please check these issues?

Thanks and regards



Hi there,

yesterday I had a very similar problem: I’ve uploaded about 40 icons to the project, have used few of them in symbols (symbols were created some time ago), and then have sent the BMRP file to my colleagues. I was really surprised when one of them has written to me, that about 20 icons were missing, and in my symbols there were black squares instead of some icons. When I’ve opened the project file on my laptop, I’ve seen that he was right. Of course I’ve fixed that manually, but I’m 200% sure those icons were there, and everything was working perfectly before.

That was the first time I had such an issue :scream:

P.S. I use the Windows version