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Symbols bug in main layout when editing original


So, I’ve created a bunch of symbols for headers and footers.

When editing the symbol and then returning to mockups, the elements are not in as per the symbol library. I have to delete the instance of the symbol from the mockup and reinsert it. On a large project this is obviously time consuming.

I am using Mockups for Desktop on Mac (latest OS).

In addition, when trying to edit a grouped element within a symbol symbols is stating I have four items selected even though I have double clicked into the group. I then have to close mockups, one it again and I can edit the item within a group once, before this bug appears again.


Hi @b0r1s

Thank you for your report.

For the symbol instances that do not update can you please check if they have overridden properties?
They would prevent that you’ll see the changes.

The second issue sounds familiar to me. We shipped today a new version which should resolve this issue.
Can you please get the latest version (current latest is 3.0.4) from here:

Please let us know if either of the issues persist.


Thanks Florian

I’ll run the update.

The first issue isn’t so much that they don’t update, but that the position of the elements when shown in the mockup is different to when I view and edit the actual symbol.


Can you send us an example to I would love to see what you see.