Symbols improvments


First, new symbols feature is so cool and change life.
But I thinks it still need a little things to be perfect :

  • Symbolseption : Yeah this is my dream on an other one… To have the possibility to put symbols on other symbol.


  • text used separatly as symbol but with the same concept : For exemple on my mockups I have to show a phone number on the footer and on an other block (wich both are symbols) and maybe on 3 or 4 other places. But like we can’t cumul symbols I need to change phone number on many places. So with this feature we can import and change this text on my footer and block symbols and won lot of times…

Put me down for a huge +1 to be able to nest symbols! It would make some of my “design pattern” symbols SO much easier to manage!


Agreed. Nesting symbols would be helpful.


I’m not sure if this is an “improvement” or a “bug”, but… When I’m editing project symbols already used in a handful of mockups, every change to the symbol source results in the program hanging, and usually Mac OS X’s “beachball” spinning for a second. It makes modifying existing symbols almost prohibitively slow.

I’m not sure what’s going on — maybe each change is being propagated through all mockups containing that symbol? If so, would it make sense to wait until the user is done making all his or her changes to the symbol?

I’d also like to add support for “symbol-ception” — symbols within symbols would be amazingly helpful.

I also noticed this slow symbol editing. I think it’s because of the instant saving, so each mockup gets updated.

Sorry for the slowness while editing symbols. This is on our radar, and we are looking into it. Thanks!

This slowness is really impacting productivity to the point of needing to move back to version 2. Is there a way I can subscribe or be notified of updates to address this issue?



Neil, you can subscribe to our release announcements if you would like: Depending on how significant the release is that has the fixes, we might announce it there. If it’s just a hotfix release with a couple bug fixes, we probably won’t announce it there.

However, we’ll reply to this thread. You can change your status on this thread to Watching and you will get an email notification when we post here. Thanks.

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Hi Ben,

Thank you for the quick reply. I really like the Symbol library feature and look forward to being able to better leverage it once the performance issue has been addressed. If there is anything information you’d like me to provide to better understand or troubleshoot the issue please let me know.



Thanks Neil. I checked with our developers, and they said we think we have the info we need on this one. But if we find that we need more, we’ll reach out to you. Thanks!

Okay sounds good.

Thanks Ben

I am missing the possibility to add symbols in another symbol.

This is useful for exampel if I have a button symbol and I want to create a table symbol which should have the button symbol in eaech row.
Since it is not possible to nest symbols in the current version I have to either define the button as a symbol or the table as a symbol. The consequences of that is that I have to copy and paste the non symbol component in my mockups. And if I would need to change the non symbol component I have to make the changes in all places where it is used.


nested symbols would be a huge value for me as well.


Yes yes yes!!!
+1 for nested symbols. Maybe CPU intensive, but so really worthwhile!


+1, I would dearly love the ability to nest symbols.

Symbols are great:

My main pages should be symbols.
My navbar and sidebar should be symbols.
My common controls and widgets should be symbols.

Nested symbols follow naturally:

My main pages contain navbars and sidebars.
All of the above contain common controls.

I’m sure your dev team is made of people smarter than I am, but I just want to make sure I’ve helped this feature along in every way I can:

Internally, your symbols-referencing-symbols structure forms a directed graph. Use a graph traversal algorithm to efficiently figure out which symbols need updating. But first (to avoid an infinite loop) use a cycle detection algorithm to make sure symbols don’t reference themselves in any way.


Like he said!

graph traversal algorithm and cycle detection and we’re done.


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Any progress on this?

We are actually going to start working on this really soon. As soon as we have a working beta, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


+1 for symbols with in symbols


Hi - this would be a great feature - symbols within symbols. Is there any progress on that enhancement? Thanks.