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Syntax highlight in text controls

I use the Data Grid control quite heavily. During text editing it would be very useful with syntax highlighting of column separtor commas and other keywords/operators, e.g. bold, links, color and size - for quicker and easier editing. When having large Data Grids, one quickly looses track.

As a workaround, I constantly copy and paste between Balsamiq Data Grids and text editing in Visual Studio Code, making for quite a tedious workflow.

Agreed, @Andreas_Ibsen. We are planning on fiddling with the data grid soon. We can’t do it immediately after the new desktop app launches because we want to maintain feature parity with our legacy apps.

However, a WYSIWYG Data Grid editor is very high on our to-do list. As soon as we feel comfortable breaking parity, we will do that. :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks, for inspiration on a WYSIWYG editor, you might have a look at this VS Code plugin, which edits .csv files in a table-like UI:

In my workflow, the above mentioned plugin + a Rainbow CSV plugin for syntax highlight is quite useful for editing large Balsamiq data grid text chunks:

When creating a WYSIWYG editor, please maintain markdown editing, since it’s useful for things like search/replace and multi-cursor editing in third-party text editors.

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