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'Tab' whitespace variation in v4 affected by text formatting / linking

Trying out the v4 trial, coming from Mockups v3, and I’m noticing one thing in particular that I need to resolve:

Using an Accordion List in v3, I could type in columns by separating the words with tab spacing (with the understanding that items would be left-aligned).

Upon opening the same project in v4, the text is misaligned. It appears to need to be adjusted by spaces, but that wouldn’t generally suffice, as it might misalign columns later.

In investigative mode:

  1. I create a new accordion, type some sample text - no issue
  2. I create a new project, new accordion controls, sample text - no issue
  3. Paste the old accordion into the new project - alignment issues
  4. Paste the text from the old control into a new control in new project - alignment issues
  5. Re-type text with issues from old control into new control - alignment issues
  6. Hairbrained idea - add links to first set of words in text w/o issues, as my text had links/formatted text - alignment issues! Now we’re getting somewhere!

See attached image. Note that each control has been verified to have a single tab between the first and second ‘word’.

So now, the question: how do I resolve this? I tried replacing the bracketed link with {color} formatting and underline and it still breaks as shown in the screenshot. I use this in a large number of mockups (we have 6 large projects in new development and 22(!) we support through enhancements that get updated from daily to weekly to quarterly, and I’d bet half of them will be affected by this issue. And this wasn’t an issue in Mockups v3.

Any help is appreciated!

Hello @TheLarrikin and welcome to the forums.

Thanks for this post. It’ll be easier for us to work out what is happening here if we can see the text contents of the control(s) in question. Would you be able to send a sample project file containing the text you are using to and we’ll go from there.

Can you also let us know which OS platform - macOS or Windows - you’re using? Thank you!

Thanks for the reply!

The text content of the second column isn’t significant - it’s the first column, when its text is formatted as a link. I wasn’t intentionally obstructing the text, just using the box as a reference line to show that the text wasn’t lining up.

Also, on Windows. Thanks again!

Yep - that was my assumption. Thanks. Bear with me a little time and I’ll dig into this and get back to you.

Hello again @TheLarrikin,

Can you tell me which font you have set as your project font in the Project Info Panel?

And can you also tell me what size the text in your Accordion control is please?

I tried a few. Calibri was brought over from v3 but I also tried roboto, balsamiq sans, and a few others, with no luck.

OK. Thank you.