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Tabbed view of projects


Is it possible to view multiple projects via tabs, rather than multiple windows?


Hi again Catherine! That’s not possible at the moment. Can you tell me a bit more about this request? I’m not sure I understand it. What do you mean with tabs? What problem(s) would that solve?


Hi Peldi,

I’d love to have all the projects opened in one viewport, with each project in own tab, rather than multiple windows like the grab below. If there’s a way to do that now, I’m missing it.

Thanks for speedy reply!


Oh I see what you mean…kind-of like a browser’s tabs. Interesting idea. It would make it much harder to drag+drop from one project to another though…unless of course we implemented a way to separate tabs into windows (like Google Chrome for instance)…this is a big request implementation-wise, let’s see how many others are interested. :slight_smile: I’ll leave this thread open, we shall see! :smile:

BTW, Mockups 3 for Google Drive already works like thit, as it works in the browser.


Looks like I’ll have to give it a spin in Google Drive. Thanks!


I’m very interested in this feature as well. I often work with many projects at once, and the multiple open windows can quickly become a hassle.

I hear what you’re saying about drag and drop between projects, but I find that to be less of a priority - I wonder how many other users perform this action with frequency in their workflow.

However, here’s a way to make everyone happy:

  • Organize projects in tabs, like Catherine suggested (or perhaps,
    leverage the existing Navigator pane in some way)
  • Create a universal “drop area” or clipboard in the app. Again you might want to leverage your existing panes for this - maybe the Inspector or Project Info panes.
  • To share assets and designs between projects (tabs), drag and drop
    said asset or design into this new clipboard. User will then switch tabs
    and retrieve the asset from the clipboard, dragging on to the new

You can cap how many assets can be stored in the clipboard at one time (5-10 perhaps).

I know some Windows apps, like Word and Excel have a robust clipboard such as this. Have a look and see if it sparks anything.



I would like to see the Mockups pane tabbed.
Here I would like to have the the capability to open as many projects as I need and would like all projects to share the same symbols and assets manager.
We are rewriting an asset that has multiple features, each of my features are currently saved in a separate Balsamiq project. When I enhance a symbol in a newly created feature I have to go back into each project and make manual changes. It would be great to update all my correlated features at once, then my design changes could be presented much easier.
If all mockup tabs (sub-projects) within one project shared symbols/assets and I could view multiple sub-projects in one view life would be great!
Everything that both Ken and Catherine said I agree!


Hi @Tonia_Mierez

Thanks so much for the well-considered feedback. As you saw, a couple of other users have requested this feature and we track all such requests formally so I have added your vote in support.

Aside, if you are using macOS, Apple added support for tabs in all apps to Sierra so you can do this on macOS as long as you have Sierra or later. It looks like this:

All the best for now.