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Tabs in Balsamiq Mockups


I want to open a window in the same mockup after clicking on each tab. Currently, if I provide a link for a particular tab then it opens a new mockup rather than showing it in a tab window.Here is the image:-

So on the click of Authority window, some mockup should open up in the below free area.Same for other tabs.I think there should be some way around to make this as basic purpose of tab is same.Please help!


Hey @Pranay_Wankhede

Sorry for the trouble here, my friend. It sounds like you are running into a built-in limitation in the software.

We designed Mockups and myBalsamiq to be like pencil and paper. We offer very limited interaction because we want to keep the app as simple and approachable as possible. We do have some workarounds for this (like the linking you discovered), but there isn’t one for changing tabs on the same mockup. It’s not something you can do with pencil and paper, so it’s not something you can do in the app.

I’m sorry if that is not the answer you were looking for, Pranay. And, of course, if I misunderstood your request, please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to post your question. If there is anything else we can help with, don’t hesitate to give us a shout! We are here to help however we can. :slight_smile:


@Brendan Thanks for reply Brendan…Sorry if i am not clear but i want to open a mockup screen below in the tab area. Now it open up in a new screen after clicking on tab.


I think I understand now, Pranay. Sorry about that!

You should be able to add a design to the currently selected tab. However, if you want to create a design under another tab, you will need to create a duplicate mockup and link the two together. Here is an example of what I mean:

demoforpranay.pdf (56.5 KB)

Is that what you were looking for, my friend?


@Brendan Yes this is what I need exactly! Thanks! I am not getting for other tabs. How to do it ? For first tab i am able to do it.Thanks!


@Brendan On click of other tabs like delegation and Reports…I need to open up a grid in the area below.Thanks!


Ah, that should be easy, Pranay.

Here is how I would do it:

  1. Create a duplicate of your mockup
  2. Link the delegation tab to the duplicate mockup
  3. In the duplicated mockup, place a data grid.

Here is a project that you can upload that will show you what I mean:


Thank you so much @Brendan.I will take a look at it and let you know.Thanks!


@Brendan If I link it to a duplicate mockup then it opens up in new window not in tab below. But lets see i will try your mockup and let you know!


They will all do that, Pranay. As I mentioned, think of this like pen and paper. You couldn’t open a new tab on the same piece of paper, you would have to draw it again on another piece. Same applies here. :slight_smile:


@Brendan Ohk…Thanks! I was trying to do it as it would look like in real life scenario! Thank you so much for your help!