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Add Tags


I miss the tag functionality you had in GetSatisfaction, it was easy to quickly glance at the main feed of topics/questions/bugs without having to search and view each one.


I would like to be able to see how a feature is progressing, similar to how Github does it with FontAwesome and their labels.

Some possibilities could be

  1. In Progress
  2. Planned
  3. Not Planned
  4. Needs some TLC (This one could be a post/topic that needs some +1’s to move forward)


Thanks for the feedback, Jon. We’ll look into tagging in Discourse. If others would like to see this feature, please add your +1 / like vote above.


Obviously if it is going to be considered, there should be naming conventions, so that there is less bloat and correcting.


Found the page for it here


I turned on tags in our Discourse account, let’s see if we like it.


Can we tag other user’s posts or just ours?


Only your own I think.


Ok, I guess I will just reply to users to suggest tags that would be fitting.