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Team Members Have Export to PDF Greyed Out

My team and I are evaluating Balsamiq cloud with the free trial right now. So for we’ve really liked it, but have run into one quirk that we haven’t been able to figure out. I am able to export a set of wireframes to PDF, but when my team members try the option is greyed out for them. They both have edit access, and one of them is a co-project owner. I don’t know if we have a setting wrong or something else is going on, so I thought I would come here to see what you all know about why that export option wouldn’t be available for everyone.

Hello @pharmguy and welcome to the forums!

Would you mind dropping an email to from the email address you use to log in to Balsamiq Cloud - and include the email addresses of the team members who are unable to export - and we’ll work out what is happening. Thank you!

Will do, thank you!

Thanks @pharmguy. I just responded to your email.