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Testimonial : Kudos to the Balsamiq Team


In these forums filled with desires and rants I thought I’d contribute some good news.

Having been a developer, manager, and business owner for a few decades, I’m now getting a little tired of day to day code frameworks, paradigms, and syntax follies, and transitioning to a high-level view of projects. I want to get Prospects to say Yes, and I want Clients to be happy. I’m helping to ensure we understand client requirements, and with docs and mockups that we get pre-development confirmations. From there I’m helping to ensure that developers implement to-spec. Balsamiq has a constant role in this life cycle of project definition through to quality assurance.

I’m working on a big project now where I’m using Balsamiq extensively to define the UI. In every screen-share session there are positive comments from decision makers about the great tool being used. And of course this translates into a positive reaction to the project definition itself. People love that I can change the UI before their eyes as the discussion progresses. While we’re looking at something else, I can make significant enhancements to a mockup in another monitor (including global changes with symbols) and then slide it into view while we’re talking about a feature. The discussion often stops as people are amazed that the spec was changed to suit their requirements as it was being discussed. The WOWs and other comments and compliments create an extremely positive atmosphere - and for anyone who doesn’t get the bottom line here, that translates directly to more money and more opportunities.

So thanks to the Balsamiq team, congratulations on creating a product that does what it needs to do, and a special thanks and congratulations for creating this whole business environment that fosters the growth of a vibrant community and high-quality product improvements.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to post this @TonyG!

I’m sharing it with the whole team and I know it will bring a big smile on everyone’s face. :relaxed:

Thanks also for sharing your needs and suggestions along the way, we’ll keep trying to improve the tool. Btw, we’re very excited about 2017!