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Testing Balsamiq prototype on Mobile

Hi, I couldn’t find the answer here. I want to upload mockups to mobile and use them for mobile testings. What’s the best application to link screens/ objects between uploaded screens?
And what about Balsamiq mobile app? Why it does not even exist?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Greta, I would use the exported PDF from Balsamiq. No need for a second tool and you can link inside Balsamiq as well.
Otherwise you can use InVision and other competitors.

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Hi again Greta!

About a mobile app: it’s definitely something we plan to investigate more once our new Desktop version is live. Improving the experience from mobile devices is on our list!

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Thanks. I believe it’s not a single request from me, as prototyping + testing go together, having Balsamiq mobile app would be so efficient. I’ve been using Balsamiq desktop for my UX/UI course students for 1 year now, this improvement would save tons of time for all of us :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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I also use the PDF export when testing a ‘not-scrolling-application’. To test scrolling-mockups I export the screens to PNG and use Invision to test them.

Good choice, @romulus68 :hugs:

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