"Text" component no longer shows bold or italics


Using the “Text” widget, bold and italics doesn’t work anymore. Colors, links, underscore, strikethough all work. I’m using the usual syntax. The problem is visible on new mockups and also on old ones that used to show bold and italics.

I recently upgraded to High Sierra. I’m using Balsamiq 3.5.15.


Hrm, I’m sorry about that, Tina.

Are you using the default font? Or have you loaded a custom font?


I’m using Helvetica. I don’t know if that’s the default, or if Helvetica became "my default” remembered from previous sessions. I think the problem started when I upgraded my OS, which may have messed with fonts, but I would expect such a common font would be ok.

Bolding does work on Helvetica in Apple Pages.


Thanks, @Tina. We’re seeing it too and I’ll check with our dev team to see if we can do something about this.

In the meantime, other fonts including Helvetica Neue handle Bold and Italics fine so you may want to switch to this one.

PS: Using our default font (Balsamiq Sans) is probably the safest move in those cases.