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Text Disappearing from Data Grid

I have a data grid with 6 columns, the one in question has a phone number in the column. The phone number data disappears from the column unless I keep clicking on it. I have tried using Bring to Front and Bring Forward but that does not work. I also thought that it had to do with the parenthesis around the area code, so I removed them and just used dashes and the data still disappears. I am using a header row but I am leaving it blank, Here’s my data in the grid:

[Edit], ,, 347-222-4444, abc.doc
[Edit], ,, 646-232-1234, miller.pdf
[Edit], ,, 212-222-4444, cannon.xls
{1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 3}

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Hi @NYCLawLady and welcome to the forums.

Sorry for the annoyance here - that sounds pretty frustrating :frowning: Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Would you confirm you’re using the desktop version of the app - Mockups 3 for Desktop?

I did a quick ‘first-pass’ at this to try to reproduce it and, so far, I can’t. It might be quicker and easier for me to take a look at your project rather than trying to recreate this in a project here. Would that be possible? Of course, we’ll delete the project as soon as we’re finished diagnosing the issue.

If that works for you, just drop en email to and attach the .BMPR project file to your message. I’ll stand by and we’ll go from there.


I am using the Cloud based version. However, I am able to download the bmpr. Custodian Search.bmpr (512 KB) @NYCLawLady

Aha! Thank you. This sounds very much as if a phone-related browser extension is impacting the phone numbers on the page.

Can you try opening a private browsing window then log into Cloud and see if the problem persists? If you’re not sure how to do that see: Finding Your Browser’s Private Browsing Mode

Let me know and, either way, we’ll keep moving forward.

That took care of the issue. Thank you.

Great news! Now that we’ve identified an extension as the culprit, you could log in using a regular non-private window and (temporarily) disable just the extension which is causing the issue. See: Disabling Browser Extensions

If it’s not obvious which extension it is, you can try disabling and re-enabling until you find the specific extension.

Thanks again.