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Text formatting help while typing


Hoping I have put this post in the right place…

I was typing in a text box and wanted to add checkboxes, colors and then change font sizes - also tried to resize columns in a table. I know there are ways to do that but sadly, It’s not easy (for me!) to remember them all so I have to resort to your help pages.

Do you think there could be an easier way to do this - like a text editor that understands what you start typing and suggests possible commands?




Hi again!

That is a very interesting idea. Not sure yet about the best way to do it but I will definitely bring this to the team so we can discuss it more.

Again, thanks a lot for sharing your ideas with us today @plivanos. Keep them coming! :slight_smile:


Thanks Virgin
What I had in mind was sort of a Notepad++ feature like Syntax highlighting, suggestion & auto-completion or even also an info button with a cheat sheet of sorts :slight_smile: Hope that makes sense!

Keep up the great work!



Could you add support for some subset of Wiki markup? Even if there’s no toolbar like the one in this forum, Wiki markup is probably familiar to a lot of users.

Also, please provide a way to add a numbered list to a Block of Text.