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Text searchable in pdf and/or in prototype


It would be great if text could be searchable in pdf and/or in prototype.
is there any chanche to do it?
Thanks a lot


Oooh, find/replace…


thanks, for your replay, but i did not get the point


Umm, it was basically in support of your request…though I referred to it as “find/replace” - as per most software where you are able to do what you’ve proposed.

Notice the “like” I added to your original request…



Ah, ok then thanks a lot!


Hi. Sorry this isn’t possible yet. The issue currently is that PDFs that Mockups generates are bitmaps. The plan is the replace the bitmap format with SVG and text in the next major version. This is planned for the future.


Thanks for the answer Mike. It will be great


We need this as well. We need developers to pull code snippets and variable names straight from our prototypes.