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The callout bubble is placed away from view

When you have a large document, and add a callout during commenting, the callout bubble is placed away from view all the way to the left - you can’t see it. Please make it so that when I place a callout with comments, it is added where I can see it without scrolling.

Hi there @TanyaG Thanks for the post. This is very curious - when you add a Callout, it’s being placed on part of the canvas that is off-screen to the left? Would you mind if I took a look at your project from this end? If not, just let me know the project name and one of the wireframes where this is happening and we’ll take a look. Thank you!

How do I PM you? Yea, it places it on the far left - while my project is a mile long.

I just dropped you an email. we can pick this up in there. Thanks!

Hello again @TanyaG

I sent an email to you but it bounced. I just sent a private message on the forum here. If you click your user icon in the top right corner, then the message envelope, then the down-arrow at the bottom of the list, you can see all your messages. No rush, just want to make sure you know we’re having issues emailing you.