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The new B3 and a beamer with only 800x600


Yesterday i was happy to present to my customer the mockups which i have created with the brand new B3.
For this i used my 13’’ MacBook Air and a beamer with a resolution of 800x600.

Working with this i realized that i can’t reduce the B3-window to the size i want.
What happend: i can’t scroll left/right because the scrollbar was somewhere at 9xx pixel!?
Because B3 has a minimal window size of x to y, but more than 800x600.

Can you reduce the minimal window size please.
Thank you!


Hi @mhohlfeld, sorry for the trouble here! That is a really, really small resolution. :slight_smile: I’ll file a feature request for us to look into this. If we get too small, pieces of the UI start not being able to fit. We’ll take a look though!