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The red tape showing a sticky (comment)

used to be not there or optional…possible to remove it somehow?

Hi @gary,

The red tape isn’t optional. You have two options to get rid of it:

  1. Change the project’s skin to Wireframe (Project properties tab, Skin selector). But this will affect the look of your entire doc (I do prefer Wireframe skin, though)
  2. Use Textarea control instead of Comment. To imitate 100% behavior of the Comment, you need to:
    • apply background color, and
    • switch on Treat as markup option, see a picture

    And you need no to perform all these actions each time, just duplicate an existing custom control and edit it.

Thank you for the reply. i had things like that for years before the big update/release but was not able to get it back (I believe I was able to mix skins in the old days…maybe not).

Anyway, I’ll see if this gets me where I want to be.

Ps - does anyone else miss being able to click on an export confirm notice and have it take you to the file location vs opening the file??

I wonder if this was an intentional change… I will look into it.

Edit: Aha, we did fix this (I knew it sounded familiar :slight_smile: ). @gary make sure you’re on the most up-to-date version of the app. The toast message should be bringing you to file location, not opening the file.

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On your last question, I use Total Commander with files ordered by modified date. So I always see the exported file on the first position. When I need to insert a picture into some document, I just copy a wireframe by pressing CTRL + ALT + C :wink:

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this is a ridiculously good and helpful forum. cheers.

i am on v4.014.

Yup, that version is pre-fix @gary

Grab the latest here.

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beats my “quick-quick-scan look for the only blue dropbox icon in the folder before it turns green” method…

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