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The "transform to" dialog doesn't show individual matches on Mac

In Balsamiq 4.1.8, the “transform to” dialog does not show single matches on a Mac:


I think the scrollbars are causing the problem.

In the above example I was trying to transform a rectangle to a shape.

Big Sur? More like Big Sigh.

Do me a favor, Paul, when you have a second. In the app, go to the Balsamiq Wireframes Menu, hold option, and select “Check for Pre-release Updates”.

4.2.1 is going to go out next week, but it’s available as a pre-release now. I’m wondering that helps the issue at all.

If it doesn’t, sending me a screenshot of your full screen may help. I am having trouble reproducing it on my end.

I can’t install pre-release software but I can send a video of the problem through. Where is the best place to provide this? (The forum doesn’t let me post a video.)

I see the problem when I type to filter this list and it reduces to 1 item.

So in your screenshot above, enter “shap” and you should see my behaviour.

(I’m running macOS 11.1.)

Hi there @paulshoughton, If you can send your video to, we’ll dig into this. Thank you!

Hi @alasdair - I have emailed the video to the address you gave. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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