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Thumbnail vs List Sticky Preference


Is there any plan to have the preference for the mockups thumbnail panel be sticky between projects?

I’m always going to prefer the list view and it is the most similar to Balsamiq2’s mockup list. I find that I get a little annoyed each time I open a new project and have to adjust the work-space. It’s not a bug or a major issue, I know, but it’s like a splinter in my finger, always there, annoying me.


Thanks for bringing this up, Rae. Many of the project-specific settings (which panels are shown, the skin, the project font, etc) are remembered when starting a new project. I’ll add this one to the list for us to carry over to new projects as well. Cheers!


That will make my day!


Hi @RaeHanley

We fixed the issue in 3.0.4.
Here are the complete release notes:

As usual you can get the new version here: