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Time for redesign?

I’ve been using balsamiq for years now, and certantly it has been a great to have such useful and powerful tool at hand.
I’ve made several presentations, diagrams, mockups, etc. you name it with Balsamiq.

Althought, throughout the years the elements start to feel a little outdated.
Is there a way to change the elements, or is there such upgrade / redesign on the roadmap of the product ?

Best wishes to you all.
Pedro Abreu

Hi @Pedro_Abreu and thanks for getting in touch.

Since you selected the Mockups 3 tag for this post, I was going to suggest trying out our current version but it looks like you’re already using Balsamiq Cloud, our web version, correct?

We don’t have any current plan for a redesign of our tool since we launched our native editor a few years ago.

That being said, you can change the look of your project by switching from the Sketch skin to the Wireframe one, as mentioned here. Would that help?

We’ll be here to help if you need anything else.

Yes, I’m already using web.

Wireframe seems to look better indeed.
For what it is worth, I would suggest having the wireframe skin as default, until eventually a new fresh look for the sketch is available.

Have a great day.
Pedro Abreu

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Pedro.

While I totally understand your need, many people actually prefer the default less polished look of Balsamiq, which is meant to be a low-fidelity tool.

Enjoy the rest of your week!