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Tooltip wrong properties


Since I updated my version to 3.1.8 I’ve notices that the properties of the tooltip control are wrong and now i cannot change the direction of the tooltip (I could do that with the previous vesion).
Anyone else got the same problem?


Hi @nzahavi,

Sorry you’ve hit this snag.

It is a bug we introduced with the release of 3.1.8. We already fixed the bug and it will be included in our next official release.

Meanwhile, if you need to use the Tooltip element with its proper settings, here is the latest pre-release version which includes the fix for this:

Thanks for reporting it.

Happy Wireframing!


Thank you very much! It looks like this problem was solved.


Hi @nzahavi ,

We just released our latest version (3.1.9) including the fix for the Tooltip properties in the inspector. Thanks again for reporting it! :wink:

You can get the new version (3.1.9) here:

And the complete release notes are here: