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Trademark Icon?


copyright icon exists, but I don’t see the trademark icon. is this an oversight?


Hey @sdwarwick,

Mockups 3 uses the Font Awesome icon set.

Unfortunately, they do not have a Trademark (you are not the first to notice this!

Once they add it, however, it will be included in the next Mockups release!


thanks for the info! I guess for now, it is “almost Awesome” :neutral_face:


If you need a TM icon, we did have one in our old icon set, which you can use in a pinch!

More info here:


Unicode supports the trademark symbol: ™

You should be able to cut and paste the above and use it as text. More info:


this was helpful, and led me back to the “character map” mini application in windows, which helps display all of the characters in a font.

perhaps a link/pointer to that inside Balsamic would also be a convenience for some folks


Hi all,

Thanks for the report @sdwarwick.

We just released our latest version (3.1.8) including 66 new icons with FontAwesome 4.4! The trademark icon is included. :wink:

You can get the new version (3.1.8) here:

And the complete release notes are here: