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Transform to... disapeared

I’ve been using Balsamiq Desktop for quite some time. One of the features I liked was “Transform to”. I noticed that it was removed… Changing the type of control with 2 clicks is much more efficient than delete-create new-retype the sample text. I hope this was just missed in the release and not pulled form the list of functionalities.

I found it!
It looks like the feature is not available when the control is part of a symbol…

Hi @Ado and welcome to our forums!

Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop on both macOS and Windows both continue to offer the “Transform to…” feature. If you select a control on the canvas, you should see the feature in the Inspector:

It’s in exactly the same place on the Windows version.

Check that out and get back to us with any questions?

You can still use “Transform to…” for a control which is part of a Symbol but you need to edit the Symbol source to make the transformation.

And, of course, if you transform a control which is part of a Symbol, the change will automatically appear in any instance of the Symbol across any and all your wireframes.

Thank you!

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