Balsamiq Community Discussion

Transparent Icons


Is there any easy way to fill all transparent icons in with white space?

I don’t really understand the fascination with having them all transparent to begin with, but it’s annoying having to create little white shapes under many icons so that shapes under them won’t bleed through.


Thanks for the feedback. I agree there are times when you want to fill an icon. It’s not that we have a fascination with keeping them trasnparent as it is that we’re just using the icons as they are—with transparent backgrounds. That’s helpful when you want to use them against any area with a fill/background color.

Having said that I agree that it’d be useful not to have to place another icon behind to add a fill, and I’ll add a feature request to our tracker to add a property to icons for filling the hollow spaces with a background color, because it wouldn’t work to always fill with white in every scenario.


Thanks. Ideally the best solution would be a check-box property for filled or not that just works across all of them (he said thinking that’s easy peasy :))