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Tree Pane incompatible change

Discussion topic #2155 discusses using two icons in tree panes.
Wireframes for Desktop partially destroys the solution proposed, as the lefthand tree usually comes along with icon specifications only.
As a minimal example, take the following tree spec:


This works perfectly well with Mockups 3.5.17. With Wireframes 4.0.25, however, the icons are rendered “as is”. As a workaround, I had a space added to every line, which works fine with every line but the last, which seems to strip of the trailing space. In this line, I had to use

[-]  {color:white} {color}

where the braces do not even input an a German keyboard (cf. #6692).

So this is a fun one.

The reason that the workaround from Mockups 3 doesn’t work is that it’s fixing a bug with the tree pane. In Mockups 3, all Fs were rendered as file folders unless you escaped them. We fixed that in Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop.

Unfortunately, it looks like we have introduced a new one with the intermediate checkbox.

We will get that fixed!

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