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Trouble moving mock-ups from one project to another or within a project


I’m running Mockups version 3.1.7 on a Mac with OS 10.10.4 and am having trouble copying a mock-up from one project window to a second project window. I have used the drag and drop feature in the past, but it seems not to be working with my projects. The “grab” area at the left of a mock-up name doesn’t show up, and I can’t even re-order the mockups within the same project by dragging and dropping. Why won’t the grab section show?



That’s a really weird bug and I’m sorry it’s holding you up. I was just able to drag a mockup from the navigator of one project to a new project, so we need to dig a little deeper to see what is preventing you from doing the same.

Do me a favor and shoot an email to when you have a moment, and we can start troubleshooting this :slight_smile: