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Turn off default link underlining

Hi Friends -

I would like to remove the default link underline that appears - particularly in the data grid. I don’t want to lose the linking features that are available through the properties, but would really like to turn off the default underline.

I’m aware I color text to look like a link (with no underline), but doing this for each row in a grid is not efficient.

Can I modify this style somehow?

Thank you.

Hello @Doug and thanks for the post.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the appearance of the link text in the control - the link always uses the Links color from your Project information and is hard-wired to be underlined.

You could work around it by removing the Markdown-style link formatting in the Data Grid line item then overlaying the control with, say, a Text control where the whole control is a link. Like this:


But it’s not the greatest answer as it’s no more efficient, maybe less so, than your current approach.

Thank you for the response. Typically, I find the Grids are the item that I must iterate on with business, the most. Introducing controls over top and trying to place them would be extremely inefficient. I have a pretty good process where I do all my grid work in an spreadsheet and then simple copy & paste into the Balsamiq data grid.

Boy, I wish the decision had been made to note hard code this and instead use a config file or something. If I was the developer responsible, I would not want to have forced that UX decision down on anyone.

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