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Turn off "Open last Mockup on launch" feature?

I believe a feature was introduced in the latest update where opening Mockups 3 shows you the file you were previously working on.

I can’t find any option to turn this off. It might be that I’m an edge case, but if I want to work on an existing mockup I find the BMML file and double click it. 100% of the time I’m opening Mockups by launching it from a shortcut, it’s because I’m starting a new project.

Is there any likelihood of introducing a way to turn this feature off? As it is, for my specific work flow, I have to open Mockups, then start a new project, which opens a new Mockups window, and then close the previous window with the existing project in it.

Also I’d be interested to see the stats on how many people open previous Projects by double clicking the file versus how many people open them by first opening Mockups 3 and then going to the “Open Recent Project” menu, since I’m assuming the research into this was the source of this new feature.

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Hi. We’ve always tried to recreate whatever state you were in when you last quit the app, since the early versions of Mockups. That feature has also been standard on at least the Mac OS for a little while now as well.

I’ll add a feature request to our issue tracker to consider providing a way open without opening the last opened projects.

I’ve just noticed another issue related to this, and I’m almost certain it didn’t used to behave this way so I think something is wrong!

If I go and find a BMPR file and double click it to open, then both that project AND the last open project will open in separate windows.

I can understand wanting to make work seamless if a user is working on the same project over a long period of time, when they open Mockups 3 from the shortcut, but opening the previously open project when a user double clicks a specific project file seems a bit strange!

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Hey @ahobday.

I think that’s a great point! I’ve added the request to our feature tracker.

Is there a place I can login and add a vote for this feature? At this point, that would be my #1 vote for new features - to be able to turn this behavior off.

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For anyone curious, I’ve just discovered that there’s a “Close Project” option in Mockups 3 that takes care of the issue of loading Mockups 3 from the shortcut and wanting a new project.

From now on, I’ll make sure to close the project, rather than just close Mockups 3.

Obviously this doesn’t change the bug with opening the previous project whenever a BMPR file.

Yes, please fix this. I think to remember that we had the same issue already with version 2. This is very annoying.

Hey everybody!

I don’t have a time table for you, but I can share that this is definitely something we are working on. Keep an eye on for updates.

And seriously, thanks for taking the time to help us make Mockups better :smiley:

It seems that “Close Project” was “fixed” in the latest release (3.1.7) so that it no longer stops Balsamiq from opening that project the next time it’s loaded.

I was relying on the “Close project” action until you addressed this problem. Shame!

It seems to me that the only difference between “Close Project” and “Quit” is that “Quit” closes all Mockups windows, whereas “Close project” only closes the one you’ve taken that action on - is that right?

Yeah, @ahobday, that’s right. And the fix for the original issue is not yet live (but will be very soon). If you want to see it in action, head over to and grab the latest beta build.

Make sure you save all your projects before opening the beta, and don’t do any mission critical work in it.

Thanks for hanging with us on this one. We hope this next will release will fix it for good :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for the reports.

Good news! :smile:

We just released our latest version which includes the following:
Launching Mockups by double-clicking on a BMPR file no longer opens other projects that were open when you last closed the app (except for projects that have never been saved, otherwise you’d lose those).

You can get the new version (3.1.8) here:

And the complete release notes are here:

Not yet tested, but thanks for this BIG improvement! :o)

+1 for the option to not load any previous mockups when launching the app (not from a .bmpr).

Maybe add a splash screen that gives you options to either start a new mockup or load recent files?

The only Mockups that should be opening when you double click a BMPR are the project from the BMPR and any unsaved mockups.

If you’re seeing saved mockups re-opening when you double click a bmpr, @rynooo (and you’re on the most up-to date version of Mockups), let us know. We’d love to troubleshoot with you.

Hi @Brendan

To clarify, my request is to prevent Balsamiq automatically loading my last mockup when launching the application directly from ‘Balsamiq mockups 3’ icon in the start menu (win7). Windows already gives me the option to access recent files.

I want to be able to create a new, blank mockup, without having to load in a previous mockup first.



Ahh, I see @rynooo.

That’s a tough case, unfortunately. I don’t think we have control over the launcher menu, unfortunately. We made the decision to load the last used mockup, rather than opening to a blank canvas, because we thought that that was the more likely use case. (It’s also easier to start a new project than it is to find and load the last used mockup).

All that being said, I will check in to see if there is something we could do to meet in the middle here.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Ryan. We really appreciate it!

Since updating to 3.4.1, I no longer get a list of recent mockups in Windows. Now I don’t get any choice which mockup to load.

This is a pain as I tend to work on lots of projects (saved in lots of different places) simultaneously. If it’s something you’ve disabled, can you bring it back?

Sorry about that @rynooo. That should repopulate once you open a few more projects.

Because Windows treats it as a new application, it doesn’t preserve the recent projects in the launcher menu.

I’m also happy to have BM open a blank canvas. I have the program pinned to my start menu and right click and select a recent file via the ‘jump list’ when I’m picking up where I left off last night.

I’d also suggest adding a ‘New Mockup’ item to the jump list (similar to the jump list for Outlook) for those who prefer the default opening to the last project.

Jump list is the technical term for the r/click context menu for taskbar items from Windows 7 onwards.

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Thanks @Brendan, but since updating I’ve worked on 5 or 6 different projects and I’m still not getting the recent mockups list. I’ll give it a few more days and update if it doesn’t sort itself out.