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Twitchy display issue in Full Screen/Presentation


When a mockup has a link on it to a different mockup - and you use the hand tool in full screen to move around (as the mockup being presented is bigger than the normal screen) then it “twitches” and gets stuck.

The only workaround is to close the full screen presentation and re-enter that mode, I’ve attached an example . Mockup Presentation bug.bmpr (162 KB)


Hey, @DerrichS, sorry about the trouble with this.

Are you using Mockups’ Full-Screen Mode on your primary monitor or a secondary one?

I ask because Adobe Air (the platform on which Mockups 3 is built) hates being on a secondary monitor for some reason. We have fiddled with the code as much as we can, but it’s a bug on Adobe’s side.

We are hard at work on a Native (non-Adobe Air) version of the app, which should alleviate this issue.

If you aren’t already, would you mind grabbing the latest version of Mockups? That may help the situation as well.

Let me know if 3.3.14 makes the situation better, Derrich.


Hi Brendan

I am indeed using multiple displays - and running balsamiq on my primary display. . I know the problems when it comes to platform limitations - we’ve got Java :wink:
I’m currently running 3.3.14 - which did not solve it

Because there is a workaround it’s not a train smash and I can wait for the “native” version, I was just wondering if you guys were aware of the problem :slight_smile:


We are aware that it happens under certain circumstances, but we didn’t think it was too bad on a Primary monitor.

When you get a second, can you shoot an email to so we can get some more information about your setup? I’m wondering if it happens in all your mockups, or just the really big ones.

Thanks, Derrich!


Hey Brendan

Please will you let me know if/when we’re fixing this ? I see there is an update released on 30 May - but don’t really see anything pointing to the presentation problem :slight_smile:


Hey @DerrichS,

Sorry that we went quiet on this.

I just talked to Stefano about this, and while it would be a very hard problem to solve, we do have some good news.

  • We found that closing and then re-opening Full-Screen mode helped reduce the twitchy-ness (as much as we hate the “turn it off and back on” solution - it really did work).
  • It won’t be a problem with our native (non-adobe air) version of the app.

I’m sorry that it’s still giving you fits, my friend. It will get better! :slight_smile:


Yes, I mentioned that initially :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I just thought to follow up :smile: . I’ll keep track of the releases and release notes :wink:

Thanks again for all the help