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Two bugs - Setting colour of an icon and nudge resize shortcut


Two bugs/issues I’ve found, and wanted to let you guys know about if they hadn’t already been mentioned!

  1. When I add an icon to a mockup, it has a dark grey colour by default. If I want to set the colour of the icon to black, I select the colour option and choose black, but nothing happens. I have to change the colour to something other than black, and only then can I change it back to black. It seems like Mockups is assuming the default colour of the icon is black, and is not letting me set that as a colour.

  2. The keyboard shortcut for nudge-resizing an item is also the default shortcut on my computer for changing the orientation of my display. When I try to nudge resize an item, instead my screen/displays flips to portrait mode! I can still resize using the controls in the top right, and I’m sure I could change the shortcut settings in my graphics control panel, but I just wanted to point this out since it’s likely to be the default shortcut on many other computers as well - at least in Windows.


Thanks for sharing @ahobday! I definitely see what you mean with the icons. I’ll get that written up and we’ll fix it.

As for the screen flipping issue, we’ve actually not heard that from anyone else, and those have been our keyboard shortcuts for years. That doesn’t make it any less annoying for you though! We don’t plan on changing it at this point. Hopefully you’ll be able to change your shortcut settings, and we’ll see if this is the beginning of a flood! Sorry again for the trouble.


I wouldn’t expect you to change the shortcuts! That’d be too much hassle for your users.

After some Googling it seems that shortcuts for changing screen orientation are specific to graphics hardware. For example, I’m using my work computer which has integrated Intel graphics, and these shortcuts are enabled by default.

I suspect that nVidia and AMD cards do not have these shortcuts enabled by default, which is probably why it’s not an issue for the majority of users.


Hi @ahobday ,

The new version 3.1.3 with the bug fix for the color is ready. You can get it here:

Here are the complete release notes: