Two Icons on One Button


Is is possible to create a button with 2 icons?
I have a hack which consists of 2 buttons, each with an icon, adjacent to each other with a white/white rectangle to occlude the borders between them. Example attached.

ChangeUserButton.bmpr (20 KB)


Hi @emnrd,

Thanks for the post! While the ‘Button’ control doesn’t support multiple icons, you might find it a little neater to use a single ‘Button’ control overlaid with two ‘Icon’ controls (rather than two buttons). I added one to your project and attach it here.

Do you think that’ll work for you?

ChangeUserButton.bmpr (23 KB)


Yeah, that’s a better solution. Thanks!


Thanks to your lead, I’ve come upon an even more ‘efficient’ solution.
A button with an icon that is left justififed, then add icon to the right of that.
ChangeUserButton.bmpr (26 KB)


Hi @emnrd,

Love the iteration here - that’s a nice solution!

I know you know about groups but do you know about Symbols? If you convert your button to a symbol, you can then add it from the UI Library or the Quick Add for extra convenience. See: Working with Symbols


Yeah, you’ve discerned that I haven’t worked with icons much. Thanks for the link.